8 Things You Didn’t Know About Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart, an American comedian, political commentator, actor, filmmaker, and television host, was born Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz on November 28, 1962. From 1999 to 2015, he was the host of Comedy Central’s satirical news program The Daily Show.

If you are getting curious to know more about this talented man, then you may find these 8 unknown facts interesting. 

Jon Stewart

8 Things You Didn’t Know About John Stewart

1. His First Role

Jon Stewart’s first TV appearance was on a children’s TV show in 1971 when he was only 9 years old. His first-ever appearance on television was a guest cameo with his school band on the well-known children’s program Captain Noah and His Wonderful Ark. [1]

2. A Hopeless Romantic

Everyone is aware of Jon Stewart’s sense of humor and his success as a successful comedian. He wouldn’t have been labeled as a hopeless romantic by the majority of people, though. In an original move, Jon Stewart proposed to his wife Tracey McShane using a custom crossword created with the aid of Will Shortz, the crossword editor for the New York Times.

3. His Original Name

Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz became Jon Stewart at birth. Stewart didn’t want to adopt his mother’s maiden name when his parents divorced while young Jon’s parents. By completely removing the last name so that his middle name would take its place as his last name, he devised a clever solution to avoid upsetting either of his parents. 

Jon Stewart

4. Cooking Skills

New Yorkers take great pride in having figured out how to make the best pizza in the entire world. There may be some decent pizza in Italy, but nothing on Earth compares to a slice from New York.

5. Qualifications

Stewart moved away from his hometown and country of origin to attend William and Mary College in Virginia. I’ll never understand how he managed to get by for four years without a pizzeria on every block. [3]

6. A Soccer Player

At William & Mary, Stewart participated in soccer. Afterward, the school’s team recognized him by presenting the “Liebo” award, which was named after Stewart’s surname at birth. [4]

7. His Believes In Frats

He left after six months, so it appears that he became sick of all the parties and found new ways to consume alcohol on his body. He doesn’t currently have any loyalty to his fraternity because he thinks fraternities are useless.

8. Grew Up During War

Stewart grew up amid the Vietnam War and Watergate scandals, two occasions that demonstrated that, despite American flag thongs and bumper stickers, the US is not the world’s best nation.