Sofia Ella Symonds, a multifaceted individual, embarked on her journey in the world of fashion and design in 2012 when she relocated to Miami, USA. Initially pursuing a career in fashion designing, she concurrently delved into modeling and worked as a sales associate at Villazzo LLC. However, Sofia soon found that the demanding nature of the modeling industry didn’t align with her passions, prompting a shift in focus.

A Gemini hailing from New York City, Sofia emerged as a notable figure in the realms of modeling, design, and social media. Boasting around 400k followers on Instagram, she utilized her platform to not only showcase her ventures but also to connect with her audience. Sofia’s fashion brand stands out for its commitment to providing chic and classy styles at an affordable cost, catering to women with discerning tastes who are mindful of their budget constraints.

Despite early success in modeling, Sofia admitted that the industry’s stress overshadowed her enjoyment. Consequently, she now selectively engages in modeling, opting for projects that resonate with her newfound passions. Her transition to Los Angeles marked a pivotal moment as she pursued acting classes, fueled by a lifelong love for Hollywood films.

Instagram became a significant catalyst for Sofia’s popularity, with her posts capturing the attention of a growing audience. Presently, her main focus centers around the launch and growth of her own brand. Sofia has not only graced the pages of Maxim magazine but also featured in L’Officiel, a prominent French fashion magazine.

Beyond her career pursuits, Sofia is a linguist, fluent in English, Arabic, and French. Her diverse interests span watching documentaries, reading, and crafting homemade beauty creams and face masks. Sofia, born into a family with two siblings and divorced parents, has also displayed a keen interest in insurance, real estate, cars, and crypto within the United States. With a dynamic portfolio and an evolving career trajectory, Sofia Ella Symonds continues to make waves in the worlds of fashion, design, and entertainment.