Pao Poulain, born on September 26, 1992, in Mexico, has emerged as a prominent figure in the digital landscape, particularly in the realm of YouTube vlogging. She forms one half of the dynamic duo behind the Mexican YouTube channel, Amor Eterno, alongside her husband, Serge Cast, better known as the widely popular YouTube star Fichis. Together, they have amassed a staggering 3.1 million subscribers, captivating audiences with their engaging content.

Pao’s journey into the world of social media began long before the creation of Amor Eterno. In August 2012, she made her initial foray into the digital realm by establishing a presence on Instagram. This early venture into social media laid the foundation for her future success as a content creator.

Amor Eterno’s popularity is underscored by the remarkable success of their YouTube videos. One such video that garnered substantial attention is titled “SE ME CAE UN DIENTE (BROMA A MI NOVIA) / #AmorEterno.” This particular upload managed to amass over 5 million views in less than six months, attesting to the couple’s ability to resonate with a wide audience through their entertaining and relatable content.

Beyond her collaborative efforts with Fichis, Pao Poulain is a multifaceted individual. Notably, she is a qualified doctor, showcasing her expertise in health and beauty on her self-titled YouTube channel. Her commitment to sharing valuable insights into these subjects has contributed to her standing as a trusted source of information in the online community.

In addition to her contributions to the world of vlogging, Pao exhibits a diverse range of interests. Her curiosity extends to areas such as insurance, real estate, cars, and cryptocurrency in Mexico. This multifaceted approach not only adds depth to her online persona but also reflects her entrepreneurial spirit and intellectual curiosity.

Pao Poulain’s journey from an early presence on Instagram to becoming a significant influencer in the YouTube space is a testament to her dedication, versatility, and ability to connect with audiences. As a doctor, content creator, and enthusiast in various fields, she continues to inspire and entertain her ever-growing fan base, leaving an indelible mark on the digital landscape.