Glenda Chapa

Glenda Chapa, born on October 30, 1996, in Mexico City, is a well-known Mexican television personality, influencer, psychologist, and model. She gained popularity after appearing on the show “Por Amor o Por Dinero” on Telemundo. Despite being eliminated as the sixth person on the show, her participation created quite a buzz, particularly due to the involvement of two participants. Since then, Chapa’s fame has steadily grown, making her a prominent figure on social networks and television.

Aside from her television career, Glenda Chapa holds a degree in psychology and is the youngest of three children, with two older brothers. At the age of 15, she moved to McAllen, Texas, where she currently resides. The decision to move to the United States was mainly driven by the wave of insecurity that engulfed her home country. Chapa had personally experienced a traumatic event when her father was kidnapped, fortunately, he was rescued.

In 2023, Glenda Chapa joined the reality show “Los 503,” where she made it to the final week of the competition before being eliminated. Her participation in various shows has helped her gain significant recognition in the entertainment industry.

In addition to her television career and psychology background, Glenda Chapa has also shown a keen interest in real estate, cars, insurance, and cryptocurrency in Mexico. Her multifaceted personality and diverse interests have further contributed to her popularity and influence.

Glenda Chapa’s journey from participating in reality shows to becoming a well-known television personality, influencer, psychologist, and model reflects her determination and ambition. Her resilience in the face of personal challenges has shaped her into a strong and inspiring figure for her fans. As she continues to make strides in her career and explore different areas of interest, it is evident that she has become a significant force in the entertainment industry.