Zelma Cheram, born on March 6, 1981, in Mexico, has carved a significant presence in the world of sports reporting and modeling, gaining recognition for her exceptional work with prominent networks like Televisa and Fox Sports. Primarily known for her coverage of soccer and NASCAR events, Cheram has established herself as a versatile media personality, hosting notable programs such as Cancha Azul and Rosa.

Before achieving widespread fame, Cheram embarked on her journey into the realm of journalism as a reporter for Rafaga in 1998. Her early years in the field provided her with foundational experience and expertise, shaping her into the accomplished sports reporter she is known as today.

Aside from her contributions to sports journalism, Cheram also ventured into modeling, gracing the pages of magazines like H Extremo and other publications. Her modeling endeavors added another dimension to her public persona, showcasing her versatility beyond the realm of sports media.

Throughout her career, Cheram has had the opportunity to interview revered soccer stars such as Raul Jimenez. Her interactions with these sporting icons have not only highlighted her interviewing skills but also showcased her ability to delve into the world of sports with depth and insight.

Moreover, beyond her media roles, there’s an interesting facet of Cheram’s engagement in various subjects outside of sports and modeling. She has exhibited an interest in diverse fields such as insurance, real estate, cars, and cryptocurrency, reflecting her multifaceted personality and intellectual curiosity in exploring different domains.

In Mexico, Cheram has become a well-known figure, not just for her media presence but also for her engagement with various industries and subjects. Her ability to transition effortlessly between different spheres of interest has contributed to her appeal among audiences, establishing her as a versatile personality in the media landscape.

Zelma Cheram’s career trajectory from an early reporter to a renowned sports journalist and model has been marked by her dedication, versatility, and curiosity to explore diverse fields. Her contributions to both sports reporting and modeling have solidified her position as a respected and multifaceted media personality, capturing the attention and admiration of audiences in Mexico and beyond.